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Some people are unclear about this process and the benefits. There are those that work on their bodies by attending gyms or working out at home. The muscle that is being worked on in psychotherapy is that of the mind and how it takes in and deciphers information which translates into behaviors and reactions.


The process of therapy is meant to transform, change and alleviate painful experiences so as to enhance more positive relationships and general well-being. Just as physical therapy focuses on the body, psychotherapy focuses on the psyche, emotion and the mind.  The goal is to create a higher level of emotional education that will help you cope more effectively in life.  


 Virtual Services

 Individual Counseling

 Couples Counseling

 Family Counseling




 Anger Management

 Group Therapy


 Areas of Focus

 Marital Conflict

 Family Issues


 Substance Abuse

 Adolescent/Young Adult

 Gay & Lesbian

 Communication Difficulties




Substance Abuse Therapist Miami

Why Psychotherapy?

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Substance Abuse Therapist Miami
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